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Dragon Makers

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In June 2016 Golden Dragon Museum manager Anita Jack and research officer Leigh McKinnon travelled to Hong Kong to seek out artisans appropriate to create a new Imperial Dragon for Bendigo.  A brief (including a sample dragon scale from Sun Loong) is being prepared that will be sent to the dragon makers who will need to demonstrate their initiative in bringing Dai Gum Loong to life.

Leigh McKinnon, Mr. Kenneth Mo and Anita Jack

MO Cheuk Kei (Kenneth)
Golden Dragon Museum manager Anita Jack and research officer Leigh McKinnon met with Hong Kong dragon and lion maker Kenneth Mo.  They saw an example of his work, a magnificent dragon head, at a village where it is used in their local festival.  Then they went to Mr. Mo’s workshop where a number of dragons, lions, qilin and other festival paraphernalia are under construction.  A nice connection with Bendigo was also discovered when Kenneth Mo revealed that he had learned his craft in the Kum Yuk Lau workshop which had made Bendigo’s night dragon Yar Loong in the 1930s.

A photo of Mr. Hui’s dragons in production. Anita Jack, Hui Ga Hung and interpreter Heidi Yeung.

HUI Ga Hung
Mr. Hui was the second dragon maker that Golden Dragon Museum’s Anita Jack and Leigh McKinnon visited in Hong Kong. He is a third generation maker of festival items such as dragons, lions, unicorns, and paper figures. Mr. Hui’s father still assists with the business and was present at the meeting. Mr. Hui was also pleased to find out that he shared a clan name with late Bendigo dragon head carrier David Hui Tong.

Yu Ho in his workshop with one of his lion heads.

YU Ying Ho
Golden Dragon Museum’s Anita Jack and Leigh McKinnon also visited the lion maker workshop Ho Kee 豪記 run by Mr Yu Ying Ho 余英豪.  Mr Yu made the traditional style lions which Anita and Leigh saw perform at Seui Tau in Hong Kong’s New Territories.  His workshop also contains his own collection of traditional performance paraphernalia. Only 32, Yu Ho made his first dragon ten years before while still in his early twenties.

Mid-sized dragon head by Mr Leung. Alan Kwok, Anita Jack, Heidi Yeung, and Mr Leung in his workshop.

The final visit by Golden Dragon Museum’s Anita and Leigh was to the workshop of Mr. Leung who is a part-time dragon and lion maker.  Mr. Leung works on commissions when he is not pursuing his main occupation as an egg seller.